"Calling all parents! Listen up. This is an excellent videotape about puberty and human sexuality for early teens.  It discusses not only the mechanics but also the ethics of sex.  An excellent resource with which to begin a dialogue." 

                               -Robert Brayden, MD - Associate Professor of Pediatrics, University of Colorado Health Sciences Center


"This video presents the subject with honestly and integrity. To allow our kids to maintain a sense of balance is paramount in today's sophisticated and complicated world. Communicating with our children gets more and more challenging as they get older and this video encouraged our family to discuss the difficult subject of human sexuality. A must for any concerned parent". 

                                -Baby Land Station 

"Of all the resources that exist to aid parents in teaching their children about sex and puberty this video is, by far, the most medically accurate, thoughtful, and easiest to understand. It is the single most important tool for parents with children who have questions about the "birds and the bees"."  

                                    -Dr. Brandon Davison-Tracy MD, Board Certified Pediatrician and Fellow of the American Academy of Pediatrics.

"The Birds, The Bees, And Me" presents sensitive material in a straight forward manner allowing both the parents and children to have an open and frank discussion about puberty.  A masterful job of removing the anxieties is accomplished through this video."  -Paul Jagels - 6th grade teacher, 35 years

"Where were you with this video three years ago? I sure wish I had this for my oldest girl. I have no idea where this type of information was when I was growing up but I’m glad you were able to produce it for my youngest daughter. I will assume that the boys video that I ordered is equally informative. Thank you!"

                                -Diane Grierson - Centennial, CO



"I got this tape for my 13 year old son and it was very helpful. It explained everything and open the door for questions to be asked. I think it is a good ice breaker for women who are trying to explain the birds and the bees to a son."

                                     -Toya C. on December 29, 2007


"Finally...What I Was Looking For", September 24, 2011


"I bought a couple books to talk to my 10 yr old son re: where babies come from. One book tried to script the discussion. I know how to talk to my son. The other book tiptoed around the mechanics of sex. All I wanted was a straightforward treatment of how babies are made and a little about puberty. This video hits the mark. It's simple, honest, and unpretentious."                                 -John P M,Waukegan, IL