Why was this video created?


The video was created to provide parents with an educational tool that, until now, did not exist! This program is comprehensive and offers a consistent, complete message for children.   Most parents have a difficult time determining the appropriate age to begin this education or, even more challenging, how to actually explain the information. Parents also struggle with how detailed or in-depth they should get into the conversation. This video helps and supports every parent during this challenging communication process.


Who is this video for?


First of all, the video is for caring, concerned parents. While some parents have a reasonable level of comfort explaining the “Birds and the Bees” to their children, it just isn’t easy. Trying to figure out where to begin the conversation, how much information to share, and when to end is frustrating, uneasy, embarrassing, and just plain hard. So this program is for all parents of younger children. Ultimately, the video is for boys and girls between the ages of 9 and 13 years old. Only you as a parent really know when is the right time to expose your child to this information. “The Birds, the Bees, and Me” is an excellent educational source for any child getting ready to enter into puberty.


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Does the video talk about STD’s, sexual abuse, or other social issues?


Just a little! This is a great question and it always comes up. It’s incredibly difficult to comprehend and really understand what’s happening to your body, how babies are created, and how babies are born, let alone that your parents really did that!!! Remember the disbelief and the strange emotions you felt after learning how you were created and delivered? That’s probably enough information for one day. We certainly understand the necessity of teaching this other information but this is where some of that parental experience comes in handy. However, Dr. Brandon Davison-Tracy briefly addresses these issues in his conclusion at the end of the video.


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Can this video be used as a stand-alone tool?


Yes…..but! This video can certainly be used as a stand-alone tool but it is designed to be used as an ancillary tool to your parental education. Although the information in the video covers all the major components of Puberty, Sex, and Childbirth, it will still be up to you as a parent to fill in the blanks. We never want this program to replace a parents role as their primary sex ed teacher.


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Why should I use a video to explain this topic instead of a book?


Kids today are of a hi tech generation. While we all strive for our children to read as much as possible, children read and comprehend at very different levels. Educational video helps put all kids on a level learning field. This video is about 15 minutes long and systematically and consistently explains the “Birds and the Bees” as it relates to Puberty, Sex, and Childbirth. The video also aggressively addresses the “Responsibility” issue surrounding sex. The importance of this information through reading can often be difficult for a child to comprehend.


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Won’t my child learn all of this in 5th grade health class?


This is one of the great misrepresentations of 5th grade Health class. Most of the educational information in Health class relates to health, hygiene and puberty, not sex. Teachers generally feel uncomfortable teaching the topic of sexuality and this only adds to the difficulty of learning. Children take health class with all of their classmates which inevitably creates peer pressure issues and a sense of embarrassment among their peers. Some children act like they know everything while admit that they really know very little or nothing. We have provided a learning tool that takes the peer pressure element out of the equation. Children can now learn about puberty, Sex, and Childbirth in the privacy of their own home with the advisement and education from their parents.


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Why is there a girl’s video and a boy’s video?


Great question! Bottom line? A girl prefers to learn from a girl and a boy prefers to learn it from a boy. By delivering the message through a same-sex young adult that just recently went through puberty, children are much more receptive to learning and accepting the information. In addition, there is certain information about girls that boys don’t really need to know that much about. As we have said, we never want to take the parent out of the communication loop. If fact, we want parents to be the LOOP! Parents are still the most important informational resource that any child has!


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