A Gold National Parenting Publications Award Winner


Winner of a Parents Choice Recommended Award

"The videos in this unique educational series cover the always delicate topic of puberty and sex for both boys and girls. This is not “The movie” you saw in Junior High. Testers were impressed at how the two unique videos manage to set the proper tone, not only answering the tough questions kids have, but how they helped encourage an open dialogue. The hosts are teenagers, a wholesome looking young man for the boys and young lady for the girls, explain that its important to ask questions of your parents when you are confused. Drawings are used to show the “sensitive” topics. Abstinence is promoted although not in connection with any type of dogma. "    National Parenting Center

National Parenting Center Seal of Approval

Very straight-forward presentation of a ticklish topic. Moves logically and is consistently age appropriate. Animated illustrations of genitals are a good solution of illustrating the process in a non-intrusive way. Discusses puberty and reproduction accurately and non-threateningly. Informal presentation by host is appropriate. If you're looking for something on this topic, you will be pleased with this program.

Recommended by Coalition for Quality Children's Media