Who We Are






First and foremost we are parents! In developing “The Birds, the Bees, and Me” we had to make an effort to understand how we ourselves were educated on the subject of sex as well as puberty and childbirth. Well, we discovered a few interesting things and here is a sampling of our findings:

  • Approximately 80% of adults were never given “The Sex Talk” on the Birds and the Bees from their parents

  • Most of a child’s education comes too late and from the wrong source (i.e. other kids)

  • Virtually ALL parents have some level of discomfort talking about or anticipating “The Sex Talk” with their children

  • Parents have a very difficult time figuring out how to start the conversation, how detailed to get or what all to include

  • Books and written material on “The Birds and the Bees” rarely get used to their full potential and interpretation of these sources can be challenging

  • The greatest learning lesson from 5th grade health class was that deodorant was real important

These are a few of the reasons that this program was developed. Our hope is that you will find this video a wonderful and educational tool for you and your child. 

The "Birds and Bees" video program has a very important goal. That goal is to deliver an informative introduction on puberty, sex, and childbirth. Our hope is that this program will provide a bridge of communication between parents and children on this important subject.

The National Training Organization for Child Care Providers (NTOCCP LTD.) is a leader in educational products for parents, children, and educators. Our videos and DVD's provide educational tools to help in the developmental process of children at home as well as in the Child Care setting.


Tom McCaffrey
Vice President