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Link to Parents Choice Review


 Parents don’t know how or when to start the conversation about    puberty, sex, and childbirth. They have no idea how much detail and information they should or shouldn’t share with their child and this ultimately results in procrastinating the talk or dismissing it altogether. We guarantee this video will open up communication between child and parent more effectively then any other resource available today. Each award winning version of the video (the boys version and the girls version) is approximately 20 minutes long. The information is presented by a young adult in their early twenties and this has proven to be extremely effective in helping pre-teens relate to the information.




"Winner of 2003 Parents' Choice Recommended Award", "A Gold National Parenting Publications Award Winner", and A "National Parenting Center Seal of Approval"

Parents Choice Review- Hitting just the right tone throughout, the program opens with Dr. Brandon Davison-Tracy, a young pony-tailed pediatrician, who tells the viewer to make sure he's "ready" to learn about this topic. Dr. Davison-Tracy also urges that any questions should be addressed by a parent, grandparent, teacher or doctor. Then he turns the program over to Jason, a young, all-American college kid. Friendly yet serious, Jason will immediately put young boys at ease. He smiles and delivers his explanations clearly and seriously, but doesn't preach. He talks about the changes to expect during puberty, from muscles growing to having an erection. Cartoon figures help lighten the serious topics and make them even more understandable. My sons got a kick out of the cartoon penis turning stiff as hearts flew from it. "Having sex is a decision YOU make," Jason says. There is no religious view espoused here. Jason urges responsibility and respect with regard to your body and a girl's body. And he says that he, personally, has "decided to wait until I'm married"....- ..." Ann Oldenburg- Parents' Choice"

"Calling all parents! Listen up. This is an excellent videotape about puberty and human sexuality for early teens.  It discusses not only the mechanics but also the ethics of sex.  An excellent resource with which to begin a dialogue." Robert Brayden, MD - Associate Professor of Pediatrics, University of Colorado Health Sciences Center

"This video presents the subject with honestly and integrity. To allow our kids to maintain a sense of balance is paramount in today's sophisticated and complicated world. Communicating with our children gets more and more challenging as they get older and this video encouraged our family to discuss the difficult subject of human sexuality. A must for any concerned parent". -Baby Land Station review

“I definitely recommend that you watch this with your preteen, because whether or not you are ready to discuss the birds and the bees, he or she is ready for this essential information.” – Teri Nordstrom – Winnepeg, Canada

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